Red and Blue

I’ve not shared anything in quite some time. I’ve been a busy bee working on a new album and finishing my photography degree.

I have done some recent work, however, and should be posting more in recent weeks. Stay tuned…



And when he kissed her it was with a gentleness she had never known before
When their lips met there was an unfamiliar warmth and tenderness in his delicate touch
And when his mouth briefly parted from hers she could not help but breathe in his essence
It was in these moments she knew her walls were helplessly collapsing and crumbling
And one kiss at a time as her fortress came crashing down she knew she was screwed

Bella Arts and Entertainment

Untitled Interlude

That was the thing, I distinctly stood out
Divergent in the midst of dull mediocracy
The perfect mixture of heaven and hell
Intricately scattered between purity and sin
Dusted mildly with an unfeigned sweetness
It was in the undeniable soulful connection
Two minds flowing in accidental harmony
An indisputable chemistry of heated desire
The ubiquitous sense of unfamiliar happiness
That was the thing, it was uncomplicated
Simplicity, however, a contrived naive illusion
It’s the tangled webs we unabatedly weave
An unforeseen circumstance of predilection
The impulse of doubt saturating thoughts
Fear recklessly fleeing, ignoring consequence
Contradiction spilling slowly from your fingers
It’s in the way you let the world have you
How you’ve put me beneath everyone now
That was the thing, it was undeserving
Duality shedding confusion over the scene
Leaving fragments of unfinished memories
Uncertainty looming secretly and quietly
But silence has its own deafening screams
And actions always speak louder than words
Giving sway to questions left unanswered
Still, complexity leaves reasoning unsettled
Yet time has its own plan waiting to unfold
That was just the thing…
Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be simple

Bella Arts and Entertainment


You were the tumultuous storm that violently and uncontrollably ravaged me
I was the savage whirlwind that danced in your beautiful chaos and disorder

You were the unpredictable seas enveloping me in your tendrils of white foam
I was the defenceless reef waiting impatiently for your waves to come crashing against me
You were the restless current flowing frantically with the ebb and flow of the tides
I was the sun kissed shore beckoning for you to pull me deeper into your depths

You are a tempestuous force of nature surrounding me, fierce and unyielding
I am a wandering enigma entangled in the visceral complexities of your silent reserve
You are the obscure stillness of night that ravenously enfolds me with your darkness
I am the radiant earth helplessly enraptured by the charms of your sparkling skies
And together we meet briefly at the horizon dissipating between the shadows of your twilight and the illuminating colours of my afterglow

Bella Arts and Entertainment